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    (We are at the YMCA on a field trip. The students are all sitting around a campfire learning how to cook things. Some are running around building furniture to sit on from the sticks.)

    Student 1: I got a bench!

    Student 2: I got a stool!

    Student 3: I got a table!

    Student 4: I got a chair!

    Student 5: I got a rock.

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    (At my school we have a science teacher who loves both Star Wars and sour candy. While shopping for our Halloween costumes my best friend finds a tin of sour candy in the shape of Darthvaders head. My friend immediately buys it and we decide to give it to him at school the next day. This also happens to be the day of a test. Note: My Teachers last name is McBride)

    Best Friend: (Telling our other friend about the candy) So we had to buy it for him!

    Me: We’re going to give it to him in a minute.

    Other Friend: Are you going to use it to bribe him for a good grade on the test.

    Me: No-

    Best Friend: (Bursts out laughing)

    Me: What?

    Other Friend: What’s so funny?

    Best Friend: (Still laughing) It would be a McBribery! (Continues laughing)

    Me and Other friend: (look at eachother) (burst out laughing)

    Other Friend: Best Pun Ever

    (Every once in a while someone wil bring it up and my best friend and I have a laughing fit about it. She still loves puns.)

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    In my fifth grade classroom, my teacher was letting everyone talk quietly

    Girl: “Oh my gosh, teacher, I’m in love with your boots! ”

    Best friend and I quietly giggling because we thought she said ‘boobs’.

    Boy: “Them are hooker boots! ”

    Que the short pause and ‘…what…?’s before we erupted into laughter. Hisexplanation was “I meant to say motorcycle boots, not hooker! “

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    ((A student quietly walks into the auditorium when class has already started. The professor, as is his habit, just continues and pretends not to notice.)

    Professor: …and this is important for toxicological analysis.

    Student: *quietly slinks out again*

    Professor: I’m guessing the word “toxicology” sounded a bit weird in the context of the class he was looking for.

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    ((A student walks into the rather small classroom when the class has already started, but stops in his tracks when he doesn’t recognize the professor.)

    Professor: Criminologists. Social law.

    Student: Nope, sorry. *walks out again*