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    A Very Micro Course

    | Canada | Lazy/Unhelpful, Teachers, Technology

    (I’m taking an introductory course to Microsoft Office as part of my computer science program. On our first day, the teacher hands out a one-page list of assignments to each student; all simple things like “write out this sample text and format it correctly” and “use a spreadsheet to add up this sales information”. It’s a very short list, and all fairly easy stuff. After about half an hour, I finish the work, move it to the shared ‘Submissions’ folder, and return the sheet to the teacher.)

    Teacher: “Yes?”

    Me: “I’m finished all the work. Here’s the assignment list.”

    Teacher: *stares at me with an utterly bewildered look*

    Me: “Sir? Was I not supposed to hand this back?”

    Teacher: “…This was your schoolwork for the rest of the week.”

    Me: “What?!”

    (Since I had apparently finished my work for the rest of the week with an hour of class left, I just played games on the Internet. The teacher spent the rest of the period trying to come up with more things for me to do. By the time half the class had handed in the assignments, he was really scrambling!)

    Home-Worked It

    | Ukiah, CA, USA | Teachers, Technology

    (I have the same student for an intro computer college class that I had for a nearly identical class that she aced in high school. It’s the day of the final project and she hasn’t done any homework since the first week of class, but she has been at every class and helping other students.)

    Classmate #1: “Hey, [Student], how do you make a graph in Excel?”

    Student: *shows them*

    Classmate #2: “Miss [My Name], can you help me add a picture to my project?”

    Me: “One moment, let me just finish with [another classmate].”

    Student: “I can help.” *shows them*

    Classmate #3: “Can I put a YouTube video in a PowerPoint?”

    Me: “I don’t think so? At least, I don’t know how to do it.”

    Student: “I do.” *helps [Classmate #3] and several others*

    (All the students present projects except for Student who tells me that she got distracted and didn’t do one.)

    Me: *after most of the class has left* “[Student], you know that I should fail you, since you haven’t done any homework, right?”

    Student: “Yeah, I know. But it’s just so boring! I already know this stuff.”

    Me: “But you’ve proved you know your stuff. I didn’t even know you could embed a YouTube video in a PowerPoint. So I’m going to give you a 90%, but in the future, you really do need to do your homework. Some teachers would fail you without a worry.”

    A Phoney Act

    | NJ, USA | Teachers, Technology

    (This happened towards the end of my Spanish class during my sophomore year. Since the period is almost over, everyone has their phones out and/or is talking loudly. I figure since everyone else has their phone out, I can take mine out so I do. Not even a minute later the teacher rushes up to me.)

    Teacher: “Give me your phone.”

    (Just like many schools, you can’t take your phone out in class.)

    Me: “Seriously?! Everyone else has their phones out!”

    Teacher: “I don’t care. Give it to me or else you’ll get detention.           ”

    Me: “What?!” *sighs* “Okay, fine.”

    (I give her my phone. The moment she takes it, the bell rings.)

    Teacher: “You can have your phone now.” *hands my phone back to me*

    Wi-Fi High And Dry

    | CA, USA | Extra Stupid, Students, Technology

    (The setting is a physics class exclusively about the propagation of electromagnetic (specifically, radio) waves.)

    Professor: “So far we’ve discussed the properties of EM waves quite a bit, but we haven’t actually generated any.”

    Student: “Oh, no, sir. I’ve been running my wi-fi the whole time.”

    Calculating The Probability That They Are Lying

    | CA, USA | Bad Behavior, Students, Technology

    (It is the homeroom period of the school day and there is a girl obviously on her phone but tries to hide it under her desk.)

    Teacher #1: “[Student #1], are you texting during class?”

    Student #1: “No, I’m just using the calculator to check my math homework.”

    (The teacher allows her to continue. A few minutes later the teacher from the next room over walks in.)

    Teacher #2: “Where is [Student #1]?”

    (Student #1 raises her hand.)

    Teacher #2: “I just caught [Student #2] texting [Student #1].”

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