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    Un-Adult-erated Access

    , | USA | Students, Technology

    (This classmate is actually one of the instructors for another class in the schoolhouse. Our computer class has become a prerequisite for his, so they have him audit the class, to see what material he can cut from his own teachings.)

    Classmate: “I can’t believe what my kids tried pulling!”

    Me: “What happened?”

    Classmate: “The older kid showed the younger kid where to find adult material online, and then how to delete the Internet history.”

    Me: “Wow. How’d you find out?”

    Classmate: “Well, the younger was silly enough to leave a printout in the printer. But even then, I would have STILL found out. Deleting the history doesn’t stop me from seeing where they go online. What’s sad is that … they KNOW I do this for a living yet they still thought they knew more about computers than the old man?”

    (When I got to the fleet to work with computers, I found out that he wasn’t lying. NOTHING stopped the admins from finding out where people went online, no matter how often someone tried to erase their history – or how much they lied to us about it!)

    Teaching Irony Ironically

    | NY, USA | Students, Teachers, Technology

    (I am a teacher. I notice my student is laughing at something on his computer screen. This is my revenge.)

    Me: “[Student], what are you doing?”

    Student: “Haha… nothing.”

    Me: “Give me your computer.”

    Student: “Um…” *tries to quit out of all apps but fails miserably*

    Me: “Well, if you like this site so much, you’re gonna be on it soon!”

    All My Work Goes Up In Poof

    | USA | Bizarre/Silly, Teachers, Technology

    (My math teacher is an awesome woman with a quirky sense of humor. She often clears her board to explain a problem, and there’s a special button on her board to do that. It’s like a cross between a projector and a computer. My teacher calls this button ‘poofing.’)

    Teacher: “Aaaand, POOF!”

    (The board doesn’t clear right away.)

    Teacher: “It’s not poofing! Why is it not poofing?! POOF already!”

    (It finally clears.)

    Teacher: “Oh, it poofed! Now, back to factoring polynomials…”

    The Non-Topic Of Discussion

    | Germany | Exams/Tests, Ignoring/Inattentive, Technology

    (We’re in Chemistry, discussing the topics for an upcoming test. The teacher is writing everything on the board for us to copy.)

    Classmate: “Wait a moment, Mr. [Teacher]. What is [Unknown Topic]? We didn’t learn about that.”

    Teacher: “Ye,s we did. We did that about two weeks ago.”

    (The whole class is answering back in the negative, as we didn’t discuss this topic at all.)

    Other Classmate: “That wasn’t us. It must’ve been your other class.”

    Teacher: “Oh. Maybe you’re right. Then, it won’t come up in the test.”

    (Guess what topic DID show up on the test the next week? But we all ended up getting relatively good marks, since the teacher only rated the topics that we actually discussed in class…)

    Computer Misapplications

    | Pune, India | Language & Words, Rude & Risque, Teachers, Technology

    (Some professors are not fluent in English and tend to make the ask-aks, desk-deks mistakes. I am attending a Masters in Computer Applications course. This statement from the teacher makes us gape with shock.)

    Professor: “All those who have hard diks, please get them to class tomorrow.”

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