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    Crafting A New Education

    | Anderson, IN, USA | Students, Technology

    (The teacher is talking about what we should do for a class party. Someone suggests they bring a mine-craft game.)

    Teacher: “Video games are not educational.”

    Student: “Yes, they are! It teaches you that when you cut down trees they float!”

    This Teacher Is Killing It

    | TX, USA | Awesome, History, Teachers, Technology

    (My teacher is teaching us about the Crusades, using a rather violent example…)

    Teacher: “So, the Crusades opened up trade between Europe and Asia. Suppose if we went downstairs and started killing the seventh graders…” *motions of slashing and stabbing* “We notice that they have better iPhones and better shoes, and we realize that we can trade with the ones we don’t kill.”

    (He is my favorite teacher so far.)

    A Calculated Distraction

    | Canada | Math & Science, Technology

    (My teacher has a VERY strict policy on cell phones in class.)

    Teacher: “[My Name]! Put your phone away before I take it away!”

    Me: [Teacher], it’s not a phone. This is my calculator.”

    Teacher: “Oh, well, it’s distracting! Put it away!”

    Me: “But it’s math class…”

    Cheat You Out Of Your Supervision

    | USA | Exams/Tests, Students, Technology

    (I’m disabled. My instructor should provide a room for me because I have extra time and a computer for my exam.)

    Instructor: “You’re in [room].”

    Me: “Thank you. I can I bring my class laptop?”

    Instructor: “No, you can take your personal laptop.”

    Me: “And who will supervise me?”

    Instructor: “I didn’t find anybody.”

    (I passed an exam in an unsupervised room, with my personal computer with Internet access and with all my lessons available for me. I’m not a cheater, but it’s a cheater’s heaven!)

    Sub-Standard Sub-Title

    | MN, USA | Rude & Risque, Technology

    (This happened in World History class in ninth grade. We are watching a video about the battle of Thermopylae on YouTube, and the teacher has the subtitles on.)

    Video: “Spartans were born for the battle.”

    Subs: “Spartans are Porn for the Back.”

    (The class bursts into laughter.)

    Teacher: “Umm… okay.”

    (A few minutes later:)

    Video: “King Leonidas…”

    Subs: “King Lee in my t*ts”

    (The class is now laughing hysterically.)

    Teacher: “Okay, I think we’re done with the subtitles.”

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