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    Category: Technology

    Lesson At No Risk Of Failing

    | The Netherlands | Awesome, Bizarre/Silly, Teachers, Technology

    (I’m studying for music tech. Our live sound teacher can be quite unusual in his teaching methods.)

    Teacher: “To show you what a proximity effect on a glass surface does to your microphone, I will now present, circus [Teacher]!”

    (He proceeds to grab a spinning desk chair, climbs on it, while handling a +€300  microphone, and puts it next to a high placed window while talking in the mic.)

    Teacher: “So as you can hear, the sound becomes distorted. Also, do NOT try this at home. Some of my colleagues would kick my ass if they saw me putting such an expensive piece of equipment at risk.”

    Me: “Sir, then why are you standing on a SPINNING desk chair?”

    Teacher: *climbs down* “Well, you wouldn’t pay this much attention if it wasn’t risky, wouldn’t you?”

    (He had a point…)

    That Final Project Opened Some Doors For You

    | AB, Canada | History, Students, Technology

    (I’m studying radio broadcasting at a tech college, and one day we have a special guest speaker. This speaker is an alumni of the program and has gone on to become one of the most prominent station managers in our city. After his talk, he turns to leave our classroom, and trips over something. He stops, looks down, and grows wistful.)

    Professor: “Hey, [Station Manager], is everything okay?”

    Station Manager: “Yeah, fine. It’s just this 8-track tape you’re using for a doorstop. I recognize the label. It was my final project 20 years ago.” *sigh* “All that work…”

    Putting The Lesson On Hold

    | GA, USA | Awesome, Spouses & Partners, Teachers, Technology

    (My professor has a policy that if your phone isn’t silenced, and it rings in class, you can dance to the ringtone or she can answer it. If it’s a text, she can reply to the text. During class, her phone goes off.)

    Professor: “Was that my phone?” *checks phone* “D*** it. Okay. I should probably be shamed for this, shouldn’t I?”

    Classmates: “Yes!”

    Professor: “It was my husband, so I’m going to call him. If he picks up, I want you guys to say ‘Hi! You’re interrupting our class!'”

    (The professor calls her husband and puts the call on speaker.)

    Classmate: “You’re really doing it?”

    Professor: “Yup.”

    Husband: *picks up phone* “Hi, what’s up?”

    Classmates: “Hi! You’re interrupting our class!”

    Husband: “Then why did you call?”

    Professor: “The cell phone policy in my syllabus. If I’m guilty, I should be treated the same.”

    Husband: “Yes, you should.”

    Professor: “So I’m calling you so that I can be shamed.”

    Husband: “As you deserve to be!”

    Professor: “Okay, I’m going to go back to teaching.”

    Husband: “Bye, everyone!”

    Classmates: “Bye!”

    Professor: *hangs up phone* “So what were we talking about? Oh right, regional dialects!” *continues lecturing like nothing happened*

    Not The Most Secure Method

    | NY, USA | Bizarre/Silly, Students, Technology

    (Our computer teacher is discussing data security and how to erase hard drives. She knows I worked with computers in the Navy.)

    Teacher: “[My Name], you had to do this in the military, right? What was your method?”

    Me: “Sledgehammer.”

    Teacher: “What kind of software was… Oh.”

    Me: “Yep!”

    Error 666: Soul Not Found

    | Reston, VA, USA | Religion, Teachers, Technology

    (My teacher uses software that can control and monitor student computers. This software also provides, among other things, a chat function to let students communicate with the teacher which, when used, pops up in a window on the teacher’s computer. The teacher is currently using a projector, but not looking at the screen.)

    Me: *repeatedly opens and closes chat, causing a window to open and close on the projector as well*

    Student: “There’s, like, an exorcism going on, on your computer.”

    (Just before he looks, I stop.)

    Teacher: *looks* “Yeah, right, and it stops right when I look.”

    (I start doing it again.)

    Student: “It’s back.”

    Teacher: *looks, to find I have stopped again* “Let me know if it happens again.”

    (I open the chat window one last time.)

    Me: *typing in chat* “I AM THE EXORCIST. YOUR SOUL IS MINE.”

    Teacher: *looks* “And there’s the exorcist.”

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