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    A Human Perspective On A Bird’s Eye View

    | Winston-Salem, NC, USA | Extra Stupid, Pets & Animals, Students, Theme Of The Month

    (We are talking about the cons of wind turbines, one of which would be killing birds who fly into them.)

    Student: “Wouldn’t the bird look down and say ‘Oh, my brother got killed. Maybe I shouldn’t fly into that’?”

    Professor: “I think you are assuming a level of reasoning birds do not possess.”

    Bang Goes Their Education

    | Brazil | Extra Stupid, Students, Teachers, Technology

    (We are in the electronics lab.)

    Teacher: “This is how you use an ammeter to measure the current in a circuit. You should NOT connect an ammeter directly to the power supply, as you’re going to blow up stuff.”

    (Suddenly, a loud bang is heard.)

    Teacher: “[Student]! What did you do?”

    Student: “I connected the ammeter to the power supply and turned it on… I wanted to see how powerful it was.”

    Teacher: “[Student], go home. You have failed this class.”

    Way Off Course

    | Wales, UK | Extra Stupid, Students, Theme Of The Month

    (I manage the switchboard at the university.)

    Me: “Good morning, switchboard. How can I help?”

    Caller: “Hi. Can I speak to someone about graduation robes, please? I’m trying online but it’s asking me for the name of my course. I don’t know what it’s called.”

    Me: “…”

    (I am still confused as to how someone can not know the name of a course they’ve been doing for three years.)

    Tear The Horoscope To Pisces

    | Hobart, TAS, Australia | Extra Stupid, Students, Theme Of The Month

    (In a first-year journalism class, the professor has just explained that new, or ‘cub,’ reporters often get given the less desirable roles, such as writing the TV guide, horoscopes, etc.)

    Student: *raises hand* “Excuse me, did you just say young reporters write the horoscopes?”

    Professor: *confused* “Yes?”

    Student: *scandalized* “But do they know anything about astrology?!”

    (The whole class bursts into laughter at her naïveté, especially for a budding journalist!)

    Should Have Read Up On It First

    | Brattleboro, VT, USA | Extra Stupid, Health & Body, Students

    (In my freshman year I have a social studies teacher who has us play Pictionary to memorize vocabulary words. One student, the troublemaker, is lying on the floor and refusing to participate.)

    Troublemaker: “I can’t play this.”

    Teacher: “Why not? Do you need to go to the nurse?”

    Troublemaker: “Yes!”

    Teacher: “May I ask why?”

    Troublemaker: “I’m dyslexic.”

    Teacher: “[Troublemaker], you don’t even know what dyslexia is.”

    Troublemaker: “MY DYSLEXIA HURTS!”

    (The troublemaker proceeds to storm out of the room.)

    Me: “Dyslexia doesn’t hurt.”

    Teacher: “I know. Also, how does it prevent you from playing Pictionary?”

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