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    Making A Complete Boob Of Yourself

    | Pico Rivera, CA, USA | Bad Behavior, Rude & Risque, Students

    (In my 10th grade world history class we are learning about art from a Power-Point and one slide has a revolutionary picture with a woman on it showing liberty.)

    Male Student: “Is that a boob?”

    Teacher: “What, is this your first time seeing one?”

    Class: “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

    Language And Career Lessons

    | MA, USA | Language & Words, Rude & Risque, Students

    (I’m in a Mandarin Chinese class where we’re preparing for the final exams. We’re playing a Jeopardy-style game where the teacher gives us a prompt to answer in Mandarin. Though we’re working in teams, only one person is allowed to come up with the answer. One girl from another team gets called up for the prompt, “Ask and tell price using the phrase ‘duo shao qian’.”)

    Student: “Ni duo shao qian?” *how much are you?* “Wo yi qian.” *I am one dollar*

    Teacher: “…”

    Class: *begins to giggle*

    Teacher: “[Student], qing chong fu.” *please repeat*

    Student: *repeats the answer*

    Class: *starts laughing*

    (After that, the teacher called on someone else to give an answer. Apparently the student meant to give that answer from the start, so the teacher ended up giving her team the amount of points the question was worth.)

    Biological Math

    | Orlando, FL, USA | LGBTQ, Rude & Risque, Teachers

    (My friend and I are both bisexual girls and in an upper-level engineering course. At the end of one lesson, our professor has the TA stand up and introduces her.)

    Me: “Oh, no, she’s cute…”

    Friend: “Yeah, I might just… never understand the homework… just be in her office hours all the time…”

    Me: “I know, right?”

    Friend: “She’ll be like, ‘but this is basic algebra!’ and I’ll be like, ‘I don’t understand. Just explain it one more time!'”

    The First One Is More Accurate

    | TX, USA | Language & Words, Rude & Risque, Teachers

    (We are in an honors English class. One of my friends, and the class clown, has annoyed our teacher by interrupting her every time she starts to speak with some mundane fact. Eventually she gets annoyed and yells at him.)

    Teacher: “You’re such a… such a…”

    Class Clown: “Handsome devil?”

    Teacher: “No! I meant… You’re a… What starts with a ‘D’ and ends with a ‘K’?”

    Class: *starts laughing*

    Teacher: *goes red* “That’s not what I meant! I meant he’s a dork! Oh, my god!” *buries her face in her arms*

    Welcome To Potty (Mouth) Training

    , | VI, USA | Language & Words, Rude & Risque, Teachers

    (We have a class of about twenty students and of those, I am the only female.)

    Instructor #1: “…Yeah, that system is a load of s***.” *looks at me* “Sorry.”

    Instructor #2: “…It’s a three-day weekend. If ANY of you drive drunk I’m going to be really f****** pissed!” *looks at me* “Sorry.”

    Instructor #3: “They yelled at me for telling that story when I was in instructor school. They said, ‘You can’t tell your students about how you took a f****** shock on purpose!'” *looks at me* “Sorry.”

    Me: “…Ah, that’s how it works. Yeah, that s*** makes sense.”

    Instructor #3: *turns and looks at me*

    Me: *looks back at Instructor #3*

    (After that conversation, Instructor #3 never made any attempt to apologize to me for swearing. I think he finally realized I had the same potty mouth the rest of the sailors did, and didn’t need any special treatment when it came to dropping the occasional (or even frequent) swear word!)

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