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    Needs To Go Barack To School

    | New Zealand | Extra Stupid, Politics, Students

    (My friend and I are eating lunch at school when two girls walk past and we overhear their conversation.)

    Girl #1: “Have any idea what Obama’s last name is?”

    Girl #2: “No clue. We should go find a teacher!”

    H2-Slow, Part 9

    | USA | Extra Stupid, Math & Science, Students

    (During my physics class, me and some other classmates are finishing up a lab report. The teacher is going over the materials one last time.)

    Student: “So, wait. H20 is baking soda, right?”

    (The class bursts into laughter.)

    Student: “What’s so funny?” *as it dawns on her* “NO WAIT! I meant the other one!”

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    No, That’s Devolution

    | NJ, USA | Extra Stupid, Pets & Animals, Students

    (We’re discussing natural selection.)

    Teacher: “Okay, so this theory was devised by Charles Darwin.”

    Student: “Is that the guy that got stung by the stingray?”

    Will Have To Address This Issue

    | Ottawa, ON, Canada | Extra Stupid, Staff

    (I’m attempting to put my dorm room up for rent for the summer, using the university’s official page to do so. However, I can’t find my address in the drop-down list provided. I head to the On-Campus Housing office to sort things out.)

    On-Campus Housing: “Oh, this is about your dorm? You want Off-Campus Housing.”

    Me: “But I live On Campus…”

    On-Campus Housing: “Yeah, you’ll have to go to them. They’re in [bottom floor of another on-campus dorm building].”

    (I head over.)

    Me: “Yeah, my address isn’t listed in the drop-down menu.”

    Off-Campus Housing: “And you’re sure it’s your correct address?”

    Me: “I’ve been getting mail to that address for eight months now, and my contract says [address].”

    Off-Campus Housing: “Well, your official address is actually [different number on adjacent street].”

    Me: “My official address isn’t the one listed on my legally binding contract, signed eight months ago, and at which I’ve been getting mail?”

    Off-Campus Housing: “Correct. Is there anything else we can help you with?”

    Diabolical Diabetes

    | UK | Extra Stupid, Health & Body, Students

    (We’re in art class, and everyone is working on a long project. We often talk to pass the time. As part of a rewards program, many members of the school have been to a local theme park.)

    Student #1: “When I was at [Fast Food Chain], I got a massive burger with bacon, cheese, and tons of sauce.”

    Me: “I hope you have a nice diabetes.”

    Student #2: “You know, [Student #3], [Student #4] has diabetes?”

    Student #1: “What is diabetes anyway?”

    Student #2: “It’s when your placenta doesn’t work.”

    Me: “…”

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