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    Fractionally More Dumb, Part 2

    | Savannah, GA, USA | Extra Stupid, Math & Science, Students

    (We are students working on a Master’s degree in early childhood education. This is a math class, and the professor is going over different strategies we can use for teaching fractions.)

    Professor: “So when you finish using an area model, you see that you’ve colored in 3/6 of the parts.”

    Student: “But that method is saying 3/6 is equal to 1/2.”

    Professor: “Yes… because it is.”

    Student: “No, 3/6 is 3/6. Not 1/2.”

    Professor: “[Student], in 1/2, the one is half of two. 3/6 is equivalent because three is half of six.


    Fractionally More Dumb

    H2-Slow, Part 11

    | LA, USA | Extra Stupid, Students

    (We are in an Honors biology class and learning about the characteristics of life.)

    Student: “Is water, like, alive? ‘Cause… it moves?”

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    This Joke Is The Bomb

    | Erie, MI, USA | Extra Stupid, History, Students

    Teacher: “So the bomb destroyed Hiroshima, Japan an—”

    Student: “How did they light the fuse on the bomb?”

    Teacher: *facepalm* “They lit it and ran REALLY, REALLY fast!”

    Pray She Never Goes To Turkey

    | Hertfordshire, England, UK | Extra Stupid, Food & Drink, Students

    (After watching a video of a volcanic eruption in Papua New Guinea with my Year 10s:)

    Student: “Ma’am, do they eat guinea pigs in Papua New Guinea?”

    Homeless And Hopeless

    | Baytown, TX, USA | Extra Stupid, Pets & Animals, Students

    (The school I teach at is brand new. At recess the kids are distracted or scared by the number of bugs and other critters out that day. This culminates in a group of girls screaming at the sight of a frog and the boys subsequently killing it. In the course of getting on to them for killing the frog, this conversation happens:)

    Me: “Remember, this school is brand new. The bugs and frogs were here long before we were. This was their home.”

    Girl: “Wait, bugs live places?!”

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