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    Category: Extra Stupid

    This Pet Is Just A Whim Away A Whim Away…

    | USA | Extra Stupid, Pets & Animals, Students

    Student: “That’s a lion! It lives in the jungle.”

    Me: “Yes, that is a lion. But, they actually live on the savanna, grasslands.”

    Student: “No! Lions live in the jungle!”

    Me: “I promise, lions don’t actually live in the jungle. Trust me; this is a pet peeve of mine.”

    Student: “It’s not a pet. It lives in the jungle.”

    Me: “Is this really happening?”

    Incontinent About The Asian Continent

    | MA, USA | Extra Stupid, Geography, Students

    (In eighth grade, I take a cooking elective that involves partnering up with two or three other kids in the class. I’m Chinese, and rather obviously so, with an unambiguously Chinese last name and Asian features.)

    Partner: “So, [My Name], are you Asian or Chinese?”

    Me: “…I’m both. China’s in Asia.”

    Partner: “Really?”

    (I had to actually get out an atlas and show her that China was in Asia.)

    Not So Great Britain

    | London, UK | Extra Stupid, History, Students

    (Our school organises a trip to the Globe Theatre for people in year-13 politics and/or history classes. The play we see is about a leading figure in the American revolution, and in the stairwell at the interval, I overhear this gem.)

    History Student: “Okay, so I get that the Americans had that big revolution and stuff. I just don’t understand, who were they revolting against?”

    Filipinos Have Twenty Different Words For Snow

    | England, UK | Extra Stupid, Geography, Students, Theme Of The Month

    (A new girl just started today. She’s from the Philippines; I’m white British. She’s seated next to me. A classmate comes over.)

    Classmate: *to me* “Are you the new girl?”

    (I’ve been at this high school for three years at this point, and in this class for several months.)

    Classmate: “I hear you come from the Philippines. Where is that?”

    Me: “It’s up north, near Sweden.”

    Classmate: “Wow! It must be really cold up there! Is it really different living in the UK?”

    Me: “Yep. I used to use huskies and a sled to travel everywhere, but now I just have to use the bus.”

    Classmate: “I wish we used sleds.”

    (The new girl is laughing, but my classmate is oblivious. I’m trying to figure out how far I can push it.)

    Me: “We lived in igloos, too, not these weird brick houses. And we had fresh ice cream every day. You just scooped it off the ground after every snowfall.”

    Classmate: “Why the hell did you move here instead?”

    Me: “Global warming. After our back garden fell into the ocean, we knew it was time to go.”

    Classmate: “D***. I always thought it was hot there. That’s why the cheese is so wet.”

    Me: “The… cheese?”

    Classmate: “It’s got the same name; it comes from there, right?”

    Me: *catching on* “You mean Philadelphia cheese?”

    Classmate: “Yeah.”

    (The new girl and I completely lost it, and he walked off looking confused. She and I became friends after that, and it didn’t end up being the last time we played that trick on someone!)

    Should Have Said ¡Dios Mío!

    | UK | Extra Stupid, Language & Words, Students

    (In Spanish class, our teacher has told us to look up any words we don’t know to a Spanish dictionary. Classmate #1 is about to look for the word ‘tie.’)

    Classmate: *opens dictionary, completely serious* “Oh my God, it’s all in Spanish!”

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