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    Wildly Off About Wilde

    | Sweden | Books & Reading, Extra Stupid, Students

    (I am usually teaching Swedish at school, but since this is close to the holidays, we have a bit of art and craft.)

    Me: “So, today we’ll be reading The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde.”

    Student: “Wait, Oscar Wilde? The famous DJ?”

    Can’t Erase That Outburst

    | Somerset, NJ, USA | Bad Behavior, Extra Stupid, Students

    (I’m in class, and a small projectile hits my arm, falling onto the edge of my chair.)

    Me: “Excuse me, [Teacher]? Someone just threw a spitball at—”

    Thrower: *shouting* “NO! It wasn’t a spitball! It’s a piece of eraser! GOD! Can’t you tell the difference?”

    (The class looked on in amazement as the self-outed thrower continued to rant about how ‘erasers are totally different!’)

    Putting The Mad Into Madre

    | Council Bluffs, IA, USA | Extra Stupid, Language & Words, Students

    (I am in a college-level Spanish class. Even so, a few students in the class tend to be loud and disruptive, but the things they say are usually pretty funny. On this day, Student #1 has fallen asleep in class.)

    Teacher: “[Student #1]! Wake up!”

    Student #1: “I am awake! I wasn’t sleeping. I swear.”

    Teacher: “Then what were we talking about? Can you tell me what we just said?”

    Student #1: “Yeah, I can say something.”

    Teacher: “Well then, say something!”

    Student #1: “Hola.”

    (The class waits for him to finish, and a few seconds pass.)

    Student #1: “Mi madre es mi padre.”

    (This is Spanish for “my mother is my father”. At this, the entire class, including the teacher, bursts out laughing.)

    Student #2: “Poor madre.”

    Solving Math Like Headless Chickens

    | Athens, Greece | Extra Stupid, Math & Science, Pets & Animals, Students

    (In our mathematics class, we’ve recently learned to solve equations and are having a test on them.)

    Teacher: “A farmer has sheep and chickens. Someone asks him how many of each he has, but he just replies that all his animals together have 30 heads and 100 legs. How many sheep and how many chickens does he have?”

    (We begin solving the problem, which is supposed to last the rest of that period, and whoever finishes can leave the classroom. I am one of the first to finish and another classmate comes out soon afterwards.)

    Classmate: “I was afraid I couldn’t do it but I did! 42 chickens!”

    Me: “With 30 heads? Why, did he behead some of them?”

    (My classmate slapped her forehead and left to find her friends.)

    Thinking Not Inside The Box

    | Australia | Extra Stupid, Students

    (It’s exam time, and my best friend and I are comparing study timetables. I notice that next to all of the study breaks on her timetable she’s written either ‘I’ or ‘N’.)

    Me: “What do the ‘I’ and ‘N’ mean?”

    Friend: “Oh, they stand for ‘inside’ and ‘not inside’.”

    Me: “But isn’t ‘not inside’ the same as outside?”

    Friend: *looks at me and blinks* “That never occurred to me.”

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